In a bid to reduce national energy consumption, Eskom has launched an incentive program to encourage more South African to use solar energy to power their household needs (in the form of a rebate).

Eskom reduce energy consumption

The success of solar cells has improved the idea of solar energy as a clean and free source of electricity. Furthermore, Solar Geyser Systems are to become legislation in the not too distant future.

Accredited Installer

Our professional installation and service team are accredited thus you will receive our industry leading guarantee and after sales service.

Professional Installation of the Hot Water Solar Geyser

How will Sun Ray Solar Geysers Systems save you money ?

Shown below is a chart illustrating how your electricity on average is used on a month to month basis:

Average Energy Usage

Water heating from a conventional geyser clearly consumes almost half of your monthly usage. By installing a Solar Geyser system you will be reducing your geyser's electricity usage by a minimum of 80% (on average), pending your unique circumstances.

Why Sun Ray Solar Panels and Geysers ?

Using solar energy means you can reduce your water heating costs by between 50% and 90%, depending on the unit, the installation and where you live. Locally manufactured in the East Rand, our choice Solar Panels come with a 10 Year Warranty. These panels compete with the best in the world as they are SABS approved and proudly carry the SABS mark of approval.

Solar Panels

Likewise, from our supplier in the West Rand, our Geysers carry a 10 Year Guarantee. These geysers are manufactured under ISO-9001/2000 conditions as well as ISO materials in manufacturing and are also SABS Approved. They are available in 100, 200 and 300 Liter capacities with direct and indirect configurations.

Solar Geyser

Eskom has appointed Deloitte South Africa as auditors to govern all licensing and certification in terms of guarantee and warranties from Solar component manufacturers. Both our Panel and Geyser manufacturers are registered and accredited by various organizations and conform to both Eskom and Deloitte’s criteria.


Solar Geyser

Our number one criteria at Sun Ray are that the geyser should NOT be visible from the outside of your residence. Therefore it is a must that Sun Ray Solar Geyser Systems are aesthetically pleasing. Our panels are neatly secured on the rooftop and the geyser is fitted with-in the roof truss structure under the roof tiles. You can thus be assured that your home would not look cluttered and untidy once you have invested in a Sun Ray Solar Geyser System.