Corrosion Protection

Our Solar Geysers has unsurpassed corrosion protection and thus eliminates the need for costly anode replacements.

Eskom Rebate with Solar Geyser

Steaming Hot Water

With your new Solar Geyser you will have steaming hot water all year round, even if the electricity is out.

Hot Water from your Solar Geyser

Welcome to Sun Ray Energy Solutions

Sun Ray Energy Solutions is based in Durban and supplies and installs the latest affordable solar geysers in Durban. In South Africa we are blessed with year round sunshine - all you need to have reliable hot water.

Our solar geysers will save you money by saving you electricity with your water heating. You will have hot water when you need it all year round, provided FREE from the sun's energy. Visit this website for more info on a solar water heater.

Save money by installing a Solar Geyser Hot Water

As one of South Africa’s premier solar water heating installation companies, we set the standards for performance, efficiency, quality and reliability, more importantly we work with our customers to deliver a solar water heating system suited to exactly what they require.